Regional Policies & Procedures

The Policies & Procedures Sub Group operates collaboratively and in conjunction with both CYSUR & CWMPAS Boards. This Sub Group seeks to provide guidance to professionals by the development of regional policies and procedures. A number of local policies and procedures are in place within each member organisation. A key objective for the Board in 2017/18 is to work towards the development of these into regional policies and procedures to help promote a more consistent regional response to safeguarding practice.

All regional documentation is developed by The Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board in collaboration with partners across Mid & West Wales on a multi-agency basis and in consultation with frontline practitioners, service users, children, young people and their families.


Each Regional Safeguarding Board across Wales has taken the lead on raising awareness of a particular safeguarding theme and have produced factsheets with further information on each theme, which have been adapted for use in our local areas (see below).

Early Help and Multi-Agency Thresholds of Need

A review of the CYSUR Board by an independent consultant highlighted the recommendation to produce early help and multi-agency thresholds of need documents in order to bring consistency across the region in terms of referring children and adults at risk.

The first was a single referral form for all agencies:

CYSUR Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF) for children (April 2017)
CYSUR MARF Supporting information

The second document has been designed to provide guidance to professionals to clarify in what circumstances to refer children and their families for support across the spectrum of need, building on the families’ strengths and personal outcomes:

CYSUR Regional Threshold & Eligibility for Support document - 'The Right Help at the Right Time' (April 2017)
CYSUR Support for Wellbeing windscreen - for use in local areas

CWMPAS Adult Safeguarding Threshold Guidance

In order to provide regional guidance and consistency, the following ‘adult safeguarding threshold guidance document” has been developed by CWMPAS, the Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Adults Board in collaboration with partner agencies and in consultation with frontline staff.

The purpose of the threshold guidance document is to ensure our regional, collective response to keeping people safe is appropriate and proportionate to the abuse /neglect identified or the risk thereof.

CWMPAS Adult Safeguarding Threshold Guidance (July 2018)

CWMPAS Adult at Risk Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF)

In line with the Children's MARF, the CWMPAS Board has developed an Adult version to enable the same consistency for adult services.

Multi-Agency Protocol for Thresholds for Joint Social Services / Police and Single Agency Child Protection Section 47 Enquiries

This protocol provides guidance to the Social Services, Police and other parties involved in any Child Protection enquiries strategy discussions and/or meetings undertaken under Section 47 of the 1989 children Act that require either joint Social Services and Police Child Protection, Section 47 enquiry or investigation, or a single agency Child Protection Section 47 enquiry or investigation.

CYSUR Sec 47 Enquiries Protocol (January 2018)

Protocol for Safeguarding Children affected by Parents who are experiencing Mental Ill Health

The overarching aim of this Protocol is to ensure that children, including unborn children of parent(s) experiencing mental ill health receive appropriate support, safeguarding and protection.

CYSUR Protocol for Safeguarding Children affected by Parents who are experiencing Mental Ill Health (July 2017)

Practice Review Protocol

These protocols have been developed to clarify the working arrangements for both Child & Adult Practice Reviews within the Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board region.  The documents focus on the broader principles of Child & Adult Practice Reviews prior to a decision being made by the Regional Safeguarding Board to formally commission a Child or Adult practice Review or Multi-Agency Professional Forum.

CWMPAS Adult Practice Review Protocol (July 2017)
CYSUR Child Practice Review Protocol (April 2017)

Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board Complaints Policy

The below policy states how the Board will manage complaints.

M&WW Safeguarding Board Complaints Policy (2017)

Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board Resolution of Professional Differences Protocol

The Mid and West Wales region has a strong history of multi-agency partnership working.  It is inevitable that on occasions professional differences will occur within the context of complex safeguarding work.  However, when professional differences occur that cannot be resolved informally, it is essential that all individual professionals or staff members are able to constructively and critically challenge the practice and decisions of others.  The below policy states how professional differences with the context of the Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board will be resolved.

M&WW Safeguarding Board Resolution of Professional Differences Protocol (April 2018)

CYSUR Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy

Child sexual exploitation is the coercion or manipulation of children and young people into taking part in sexual activities. It is a form of sexual abuse involving an exchange of some form of payment which can include money, mobile phones and other items, drugs, alcohol, a place to stay, ‘protection’ or affection.

The vulnerability of the young person and grooming process employed by perpetrators renders them powerless to recognise the exploitative nature of relationships and unable to give informed consent.

CYSUR Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention Strategy (August 2015)
CYSUR Multi-Agency CSE Meetings Terms of Reference (October 2017)

Regional All-Age Multi-Agency Training Strategy

Safeguarding people is everybody’s business.  The Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board (MAWWSB) is committed to providing high quality multi-agency training programmes, supporting professionals and volunteers working in statutory, private and third sector organisations to safeguard and promote people’s wellbeing, which includes prevention and protection from abuse and neglect and other kinds of harm. 

Regional All-Age Training Strategy (July 2018)

Domestic Homicide Review/Practice Review Interface

The Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Children and Adults Boards and the respective Community Safety Partnerships within the region have committed to strengthen communication and information sharing in the process for undertaking Child and Adult Practice Reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Regional DHR/Practice Review Interface Process (July 2018)

Procedural Response to Unexpected Death in Childhood (PRUDiC) Process

The Public Health Wales PRUDiC procedure sets a minimum standard for a response to unexpected deaths in infancy and childhood.  It describes the process of communication, collaborative action and information sharing following the unexpected death of a child.

Regional Safeguarding Children Boards will monitor the PRUDiC processes initiated in their regions and ensure that the procedural response is followed to completion.

Public Health Wales PRUDiC Process (March 2018)
Mid & West Wales Regional PRUDiC process (July 2018)
Regional Information Sharing Protocol

VAWDASV Strategy

Safer Lives Healthier Relationships VAWDASV Strategy (Nov 2018)
Mid and West Wales Specialist DV services (Nov 2018)
Easy Read VAWDASV Strategy (Nov 2018)
Delivery Plan (Nov 2018)

S.46 Children Act 1989 (Police Powers) Protocol for Agencies Working with Children and Young Persons Under 18 Years

S46 Protocol

Community Safeguarding and Public Protection Incidents (CSPPI) Policy and Procedure

CSPPI Procedure