Promoting Positive Mental Health and Well-Being of Children and Young People since the COVID-19 Pandemic

In collaboration with CAMHS Schools In-Reach Team
MICROSOFT TEAMS LIVE SEMINAR Wednesday 16th November 2022, from 4:30pm until 6:30pm


Learning Objectives: 

  • To explore what children and young people need, to be able to develop and grow, in particular reference to their emotional health and well-being
  • To explore how the COVID-19 pandemic precautions and regulations may have affected what children and young people would have benefitted from to assist them in their emotional growth and development.
  • To explore the local outcomes so far
  • To share strategies to promote positive mental health and well-being
  • To share details of the National roll-out of the School In-Reach Service

This presentation is delivered by the Powys CAMHS School In-Reach Service, but in terms of theoretical content and strategies is applicable to all areas of Wales.

  • Gail Morris: Gail is the Team Leader of the Powys CAMHS School In-Reach Team, Gail has a background in midwifery, health visiting and worked in both Looked After Children and Safeguarding Teams in Mid and North Wales. Gail is committed to supporting children and young people with their emotional health and wellbeing, influenced from work experiences over her 25+years career in the NHS, and this inspired her to seek to work in the School In-Reach Team in Powys. Gail believes that the School In-Reach Service has the potential to raise awareness and create opportunities to intervene early to support children and young people and is looking forward to raising awareness with participants in this training.

  • Stephen Lloyd: Stephen is a practitioner in the Powys CAMHS School In-Reach Team and has been a Registered Mental Health Nurse for 9 years. Stephen has previously worked in Early Intervention and Prevention Services and Specialist CAMHS in North Wales and Powys and worked in the private sector for autism assessment services. Stephen is now working in the Powys CAMHS In-Reach Team, to support schools to support children and young people through an early intervention and prevention approach, which he has always felt is a key priority. Stephen sees the School In-Reach initiative as an exciting project which could make such an important difference to young people in Wales in helping  them to reaching their maximum potential.

This webinar will be suitable for School Teachers, Independent Schools, School Nurses, Social Care Staff, Headteachers, School Well-being Officers, relevant preventative services, Youth Workers, School Safeguarding Leads, FE Teachers and Lecturers, School Pastoral Support Staff, Social Worker and Regional Youth Justice Teams. 

Session Presentation

Presentation - Promoting Positive Mental Health and Well-Being of Children and Young People