Identified strategic priority outcomes for 2018-19

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  1. Better Engagement:  To demonstrate that the voice of children and adults affected by the work of the Board is central to our work and that the views of children, young people, adults at risk, their families and frontline practitioners inform practice and shape services
  2. Systematic Learning:  To continually develop and improve the way we work so that outcomes for children, young people and adults at risk improve
  3. Increased Knowledge and Skills:  To be assured that we know the people who are most at risk in our region and effectively safeguard them
  4. Strong Leadership, Influence and Challenge:  To provide robust strategic leadership and effective challenge across the partnership and influence the national agenda in relation to Mid & West Wales safeguarding priorities

How we intend to achieve these outcomes and the summary of improvements we propose to make to enable us to fulfil our objectives is listed in our Business Plan.