About the Board

The National Independent Safeguarding Board was set up under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. Specifically, the National Board has three primary duties. These are:

1. To provide support and advice to Safeguarding Boards with a view to ensuring that they are effective

2. To report on the adequacy and effectiveness of arrangements to safeguard children and adults in Wales

3. To make recommendations to the Welsh Ministers as to how those arrangements could be improved (S.132 (2)).

The regulations made under the 2014 Act set out the way in which the National Board must exercise its functions. An important function is the requirement to consult with those who may be affected by arrangements to safeguard children and adults in Wales.1

The National Board works on a part-time basis. Its six members are expected to work at least a day a month on National Board matters.

Findings from a thematic analysis of reviews into adult deaths in Wales

Cardiff Uni

Instead of the repeated promise to "learn the lessons" from cruel and wretched events, NISB is investing in an approach to help all professionals. Read Amanda Robinson, Alyson Rees and Roxanna Dehaghani's razor-sharp analysis of Adult reviews:

Home Education of Children Report

Safe guarding

The death of Dylan Seabridge raised questions about whether existing safeguarding mechanisms are sufficient for children who are home educated. In February 2017 the National Independent Safeguarding Board (NISB) commissioned Cascade, Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre, at Cardiff University to explore the possible risks in relation to safeguarding, health and well-being of children and young people who are educated at home.

The National Independent Safeguarding Board are pleased to publish the report today (17/11/2017) and look forward to discussing the recommendations with Welsh Government Ministers. In the meantime we hope that it will prompt a debate on this important subject.

You can find the National Independent Safeguarding Board website at www.safeguardingboard.wales and www.bwrdddiogelu.cymru.

Please visit the website for information on the National Board and to read the blog to find out what they’ve been up to.


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